"While photography has become my primary language, animal whispering has evolved as a tool to communicate the unique sincerity emerging from a wild animal’s eye. Beyond the Art, wildlife photography allows me to seek the uniqueness in things while engaging with nature in a unique way. When meeting wild animals, I always feel gifted to be able to capture such sincere moments as it makes me feel instantly at peace."

National Geographic Daily Dozen

January 13th 2017

"I'm naturally attracted to these graphic photographs. The blue nothingness of the sky feels heavy on the white and barren landscape and it produces a fantastical mood. I also love that you stayed back and made a wide frame to be able to capture the tracks which in turn create leading lines for your eye to follow." Words of Jeanne M Modderman, National Geographic Photo Producer

Canadian Geographic

May 2017

Published in the 150 Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos, a special publication from the Canadian Geographic magazine celebrating Canadian Geographic's Instagram community. "They hail from every corner of this country, from coast to coast to coast. For some, photography is a career; for others, a hobby. But what they — and we — share in common is a passion for making Canada better known to Canadians and the world." Words of Alexandra Pope, Canadian Geographic's social media editor

Interviewed by Instagram 

January 21st 2017

“When meeting wild animals, I always feel gifted to be able to capture such sincere moments,” says Valérie Derome-Massé (@valerie_deromemasse), a photographer and aspiring architect in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. “This particular encounter with this bird made me feel instantly at peace,” she says. “When you’re photographing a moving animal, finally getting the perfect shot makes for an unspeakable feeling of satisfaction.”